Advantages of sailing during pandemic

You feel like you stuck in your own home and you need a holiday more than ever before. But in this situation planning a vacation has become challenging. How to find a perfect way of holiday or location and be...

You feel like you stuck in your own home and you need a holiday more than ever before.

But in this situation planning a vacation has become challenging.

How to find a perfect way of holiday or location and be sure that you won't missing a thing but at the same time that all the conditions of new normal life will be satisfied?

We know how. If you didn't try yet, maybe it is right time to go on sailing vacation in Croatia.

Sailing vacation is the best way to isolate yourself and your crew while you enjoying in all benefits of the sea life. It’s  ideal for reducing contact or even cancelling all communication with anyone else. Keep the everyday social distance do seem a bit difficult. When we are speaking of sailing  contact with strangers is minimized, by staying only in secluded bays.

Why the sailing boat it’s the perfect accommodation? You have large fuel and water tanks, water makers paired with generators or solar panels and large refrigerator,large storage capacities for food and drinks are just some of the numerous advantages. So there is no need to go to market on daily bases or having any kind of contact with anyone if you don't want to.

One of the cleanest environments you’ll ever find is our boat. High hygienic standard have always been part of our cleaning process. And after every charter we have upgraded our cleaning efforts and procedures because of the COVID-19 situation.

But we want to point out other benefits that sailing vacations can bring for your mind and your body especially in this new normal way of life.

Sailing is a perfect way to forget about your routine and to recharge your batteries to the fullest. Exploring the beautiful Adriatic coast makes you forget about the changes we’ve all been through and leaves only beautiful memories. Enjoy having some of the most crowded bays, towns and areas almost all to yourself. Start your sailing vacation in Trogir and head off to Hvar , Vis and Komiza.

The sea is good for the body, brain and overall well-being. Come take a deep breathe, slow down.

Sailing vacation is a perfect time to unplug from electronic devices and spend time with family or friends. That down time not only sparks creativity and innovation by recharging our brains, but social engagement is also good for us; spending time with people we care about makes us feel better overall.

Don’t you love it when you know that something makes you feel amazing, and then science actually confirms that fact? You may not live here, but spending time at the sea is known to help people refresh. Some of You probably already know that colors can affect our mood. Several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy, or the use of colors to heal. Chromotherapy is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colorology and is still used today as a holistic or alternative treatment.

Blue, for example is used to soothe illness and treat pain. It’s also known to relieve your stress. Color psychologists confirm that blue has a natural power to make humans feel relaxed, calm the mind, slow down the heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Fresh air is an ideal disinfectant. For example, researches show that frequent airing of rooms kills flu virus and germs. Open-air always trumps indoor air. So, use the benefits of fresh sea air as much  as possible.

 The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” said Isak Dinesen.

Sea water has always had a positive effects on the human’s body .The Adriatic Sea is especially healthy since it contains over 80 minerals and elements. The Adriatic’s salinity exceeds averages with over 38%. Use the benefits: float and swim in the Adriatic to release tension and stress and breath in sea air since it helps microscopic salt atoms reach the deepest areas of pulmonary alveoli.

The sailing also brings a healthy dose of vitamin D which is important for the respiratory system, the salt in the sea helps with decongestion as the components of the water will help your lungs to expel whatever doesn’t serve them. If you have bone aches, bathing in sea can help diminish pain and swimming also helps relax your muscles and support the recovery of certain lesions. Add its strengthening effect on the immune system and overall, salt water has incredible healing viruses and bacteria. The vitamin D is one of the suplement which is been recommend by many of doctors during the pandemic time. And while you sailing you will get your dose for free.

Staying on a boat all day will have its positive effects on your immune system.If you’re traveling with children the sea helps them eat and sleep better. Getting to run, play and swim in the water expels their energy, giving them a healthy appetite and great night’s sleep. The best part? This is also true for grown-ups.

The mineral makeup of salt water embellishes the skin and has antibiotic properties that help with scarring.  Zinc, sodium, magnesium, potassium and more serve to replenish your skin and body.

Sand on the beach is a natural exfoliant, besides stimulating blood flow. A long walk on the beach, not only helps you tone leg muscles, it also serves to stimulate the soles of the feet– think reflexology– while providing exfoliation to a part of the body that’s often overlooked.

Even if you don’t like exercising yacht charter comes together with a lot of physical activities. You’ll be working out so many muscles even without noticing it. In addition to the actual sailing, there’s also snorkeling, swimming, stand up paddle boarding. There’s simply so much to do at sea. And we all know that is also recommendations from competent authorities.

A walk can be even better than a run when it comes to clearing the mind and exercising. It doesn’t have to be fast, and it definitely doesn’t require any kind of app. Unplug. Walks on the beach are kind of perfect any way you do them—with your kids, your partner, or alone. There’s no goal, no rush, no race, no place to be. Relax and find some seashells along the way.”


The conditions in Croatia make it an ideal summer destination since the risk on sailing vacation is minimum.

Restrictions imposed by the Croatian authorities have proven to be very efficient.

Feel free to check the Croatian official corona virus web page to learn the latest numbers and most important information.

Wearing masks in shops, public transport and public places is obligatory.

Restaurants and cafés are currently only allowed to serve food and drinks on open terraces respecting the recommended distance between tables.

We are ready and waiting for you.

Be brave and sail away .

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